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The selection of the students to the IMISTE programme is a competitive procedure based on the previous education success, interview assessments, motivation and English proficiency.

The interview will be arranged by national representative but via video link representatives from another country (one academic teacher and one professional) will follow and also conduct the interview.

The administrative committee will check all applications files in order that they follow all formalities related to the selection.

The final selection process leading to the final list is the responsibility of the IMISTE Pedagogic board (composed of professionals and academic teachers) and this will be carried out at a meeting with mandatory attendance from all institutions involved.

Final lists of successful applicants will be published on the Web site of IMISTE. They will have to confirm their participation in the programme in due time. A waiting list will also be defined in addition to the main list in case of withdrawal of candidates.

The IMISTE Pedagogic board will make decisions on distribution of students between the Consortium universities, based on the students' preference, knowledge of languages and research interest.


The Master Courses are open to students graduated in the European Union as well as to third-country students.

The IMISTE Consortium has developed a common set of admission criteria on a competitive basis.

Admission requiremeants :

  • High quality Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent (180 credits) in an appropriate field of sport, tourism and any related field ;
  • High proficiency in English ;
  • Strong personal statement of motivation ;
  • Good recommendations from two academic/ references ;
  • CV.

No special conditions will be applied to third-country students. The admission criteria and application procedures will be the same as for European students, but places will be reserved for them each year by the Consortium.

The students who don't prove their success in the license degree before the 15th of July loose definitely the benefit of their selection.