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The IMISTE two years long program is divided into 4 semesters worth 30 ECTS credits each. The 3 first semesters are Academics ones but with more or less 30% of the teaching hours done by professionals.

The entire group of students has to transfer from one country to another at the end of each semester from Lille (France) then to Porto (Portugal) then choices must be done by the students between the different members of the consortium but Lille and Porto.

During the third semester each member of the consortium proposes specialties which are already taught in one or several master already organized. Students can choose which course is the best for its specialization. This choice gives a real personality to each student academic.

The final semester is mainly devoted to the placement and the writing of the Master Thesis. These theses can be hosted by any of the 7 partners of the consortium. Internship must be done at minimum 500km from home university and abroad.

The mobility scheme allows a better knowledge of the different problems which can be met in Sports Tourism Engineering. The participation of local professionals within the training, the visit of equipments, the daily practice of English and new languages to speak with locals develop in the same time knowledge which couldn’t be obtained by usual sedentary studies, and the feeling of belonging to a European community and to a team of high level specialists.