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General information

For the students/scholars coming from other countries the International Relations Office is the contact place in each universities of consortium. This Office manages the international exchange programmes to students and staff members, offering support to those interested concerning academic and administrative aspects of their stay, helping them with administrative formalities: registration, visas, residency permit and government housing assistance, payment of fees and social security contributions, and housing.

Third-country students will be individually welcomed by teachers at the beginning of their stay. Orientation programs will be arranged for the adaptation of new students to the university.

Third-country scholars will have access to the facilities of the International office too, and they will be integrated in the teaching groups and research teams linked to the Master. They will also receive help with lodging.

All the foreign students will be encouraged to participate in the social activities of the university: organization of trips (discovery of the cities and surroundings, gastronomic approach of local traditional specialties), sport activities for either pleasure or competition, cultural activities, theater, concerts.

They will have full access to computers and IT facilities, to the electronic campus and to the library.

A specific help will be provided to married students for lodging, to their children care, and everyday life and for disabled students as well (access to classes rooms are available and designated person will be in charge to provide help to them). All the facilities of each university are built for enabling people with disabilities to access without difficulty.

Local language and national culture lessons will be provided to IMISTE students as a part of the core curriculum in order to facilitate their integration in each country.

In each university of the consortium it may take place some additional supporting activities.

Lille 2 University of Health and Law, France

Lille 2 will provide students the opportunity to stay in a high standing fully equipped private residence with services ("Appart City") close to the city centre and the university Campuses. Students could benefit from special rates achieved thanks to a special agreement between the universities. Some alternatives may be proposed in University dormitory (10 rooms or studio are booked for EM students). Accommodation should be settled 3 months before student arrival (accommodation forms available on line).

Agreement between University of Lille 2 and local public authorities allow easier deliverance of resident permit.

Of great importance are the scientific researches, therefore the faculty offers facilities for the elaboration of academic courses and research works for professorial staff and for students.

The university offers support for students with disabilities (scanning courses, transcribing in Braille, helping with research into the libraries, adapting exams, tutoring etc.).

Scholars could enjoy the hosting facilities provided by the European Academic Network of Lille Nord Pas de Calais, which was chosen to manage our regional mobility centre. Further, the network offer personalized assistance to facilitate the stay by appropriate services (lodging, administrative or logistic help, health assistance procedures, advice and information, cultural activities).

Instituto Superior Da Maia, Portugal

At ISMAI, the University has an International Office and a Social Activities Service, to welcome and host foreign students.

ISMAI assists students in finding accommodation if preferred in lodgings or flats in the immediate area surrounding the campus, or in the city centre.

During the academic year, ISMAI offers a wide variety of courses and workshops, both cultural and sporting as well as other benefits.

Within the sports activities, ISMAI organises courses and trips to practice air, water and other recreational sports. The idea is to facilitate and promote sports, both inside and outside the University, for all levels, whether for amateurs, competition or as an adventure activity.

In addition, there is a great range of cultural and sporting clubs and societies sponsored by the University, and run by the students.

International students enrolling for a programme taught in English at ISMAI are given the opportunity to upgrade their Portuguese language skills. From September until December, the ISMAI offers complementary courses. These courses are also a useful preparation for a successful academic career, improving the social integration of international students in ISMAI.

University of Thessaly, Greece

The university with its very good physical structure and high-technology equipment offers a modern and developed environment for its students.

Excellent educational infrastructure, including a modern library and extensive computer facilities with Internet connection, creates a unique research environment. Students can use a large number of computers both in a various faculties and in specially equipped places. All the faculties are interconnected in a local network that facilitates communication between departments and enables the use of the Internet.

In order to get registered, incoming students need to report to the Office of International Relations on arrival.

Undergraduate and graduate students are entitled under certain conditions by the law to free board provided by the University of Thessaly.

The university can also offer a wide range of facilities for social, cultural and sporting activities where students can develop their own skills and talents, and share their achievements with like-minded colleagues.

In addition, undergraduate students are provided with passes for reduced public transportation fares for local and inter-city commutes.

University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Romania

UAIC has a Department of International Relations, in which there are staff who can provide information to foreign students and lecturers, who are involved in many programmes, including LLP ERASMUS.

UAIC offers accommodation for its Erasmus students in Gaudeamus Centre for International Exchanges, which is situated in the campus, within walking distance from the main University Building, the University Library, and ”Titu Maiorescu” Students’ Canteen. (Address: 17 Codrescu Street, Iasi, tel.: +40 232 201077)

The Department of Romanian Language and Literature and Comparative Literature of our Faculty of Letters organizes, with European Commission funding, two Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) during the academic year for foreign students. Erasmus students are registered for this course without sending a special application. The course is free of charge and generally appreciated by guest students for its 6 ECTS credits and for the possibility it offers them to know each other and to quickly integrate among Romanian students. At the end of the course you are delivered a language certificate mentioning the total number of classes, the level of the course as well as the number of credits awarded.

UAIC’ location is special, very close to areas of cultural and historical interests (theater, the philharmonic, museums, park ”Copou”, Students House, shopping centers, etc.). In the forthcoming University found a number of cultural centers (German, French, British and Spanish), which held a series of social and cultural programs with and for our students. Also, in the UAIC there are sport facilities, where the students can participate in various sporting and recreational activities.

University of Craiova, Romania

Welcoming international students as well as providing education at international standards in almost all fields, Craiova University has rapidly become a modern and international university which hosts and participates in scientific meetings, cultural activities, art and sports along with various other national and international events.

Once nominated for a master programme in the University of Craiova, the students must go to the Office of International Relations in order to get the informational package. It will contain pre-application forms, the faculty ECTS guidebook and other useful information for their stay in Craiova.

Incoming students have the same rights as the Romanian ones, being allowed to use all the facilities of the University; i.e. library, sports facilities, Internet etc.

The University has a very well equipped library, with over 1,500,000 books from all fields. The University Library extends to all faculties, offering prompt and useful help to users. The library data base is online and can be accessed from any terminal in the University.

The facilities offered by the university include rooms were students may use computers. The computers are connected to a local network, which enables the access to the Internet.

Hostels provide accommodation for incoming students. Rooms are equipped with a bathroom and cable television. The charge is relatively low, but students are strongly advised to look rooms in due time. The charge for single rooms is 5 euro per day. The rent for a flat in town varies between 100-250 euro per month according to the number of rooms, comfort and residential area.

Students can have meals at the university canteens and cafeteria. They work within fixed hours and the charge is relatively low. According to the menu, lunch will cost amount to 2 - 5 euro.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport has a personal building with many spaces for didactic activity that are endowed with all facilities necessary for best study of the education programmes that are suitable for the disciplines of each department. It has outdoor playing fields and covered playing fields for the sportive activities that are endowed with special equipments and apparatus for each sportive branch.

The University provides a comprehensive sports program: soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis table tennis and handball are also included in the sports program of the University. A sports complex including a soccer and track field and a gymnasium with all the training equipment exists on the campus.

The campus offers a myriad of extra curricular activities and social events, almost all of which are prepared by students: concerts, plays, films, folk dancing, exhibitions, as well as sports competitions.

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague

Faculty has tradition in international activities in different degrees of studies. Faculty accepts students from abroad for:

  • Study in English language at the FTVS – responsible the vice dean for study and here staff ;
  • Erasmus programs – responsible the vice dean for foreign relations and his department of international relations (students are offered by help coming out of Erasmus rules).

Above mentioned staff help students to manage their study program and administrative matters linked to their studies.

Foreign students are offered by University housing facilities. Two university bodies can help them - Social Affairs Department of Student Affairs and Studies Department, Information and Advisory Center.

Social integration and networking are realised by three main ways.

The first one is represented by students´ autonomy (students part of academic senate) when students of FTVS take care of coming foreign students and invite them to participate formal and informal leisure time activities.

The second way is provided by Information and Advisory Center of Charles University. Here information on social events, workshops, courses students can take part in are concentrated and offered in place and on web pages http://www.cuni.cz/UKENG-1.html

The third way comes out from the subject of study, i.e. sport, with its contribution to integration, tolerance, etc. Students can participate in different optional courses in indoor as well as outdoor sports organised by FTVS. They have also possibility to become a member of Academic sport club.

Faculty offers in frame of existing study program a Czech language course for foreigners; Charles University offers different types of Czech language courses. http://www.ujop.cuni.cz/index_en.html.