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The Pedagogical committee of IMISTE programme defines and issue a common framework for examination, related to the specified learning outcomes for each individual course as well as for the whole Master’s Program.

Courses will be assessed in a variety of ways depending on the form of teaching. The methods of assessment will be: oral and written examinations, tests, written practical reports, essays, oral presentations, field work and reports.

Courses are assessed on a scale of study credits, in accordance with the ECTS standard. A full-time academic year equals 60 ECTS credits. The students are given grades on a scale ranging from A (best) to F (fail), where E is the lowest passing grade.


The IMISTE Consortium decided to introduce the following examination rules :

  • In order to be graduated, the students will have to validate the 30 ECTS credits of each semester; each module will be assessed separately;
  • At the end of the first year students should have completed 60 ECTS following the resit sessions; in case of failure, the student will not be allowed to proceed to 3rd semester;
  • A student has the right to have a maximum of 2 resits;
  • A student cannot complete a semester if he/she does not pass the second resit examination;
  • Only in exceptional cases, the time limit for the final completion of the degree may be extended;
  • At the end of the 4th semester the students will have to defend their master thesis in front of all their class mates and successful alumni, which means that all the students will be gathered in the same University; each year the university will be another one among the European partners.